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We're celebrating World Earth Day

As the world recognises Earth Day 2022 on Friday 22 April, our people celebrate EKFBs environmental achievements and its commitment to deliver a cleaner and greener construction strategy.

Our ecological works and habitat creation supports and improves biodiversity as we strive for net gain

Our target to minimise carbon by 50% from baseline design. An example is Thame Valley Viaduct, read the full story here

Our sustainable procurement policies which ensure our main materials are procured ethically and sustainably

This month, the EKFB team launched ‘Green EKFB’, an initiative inspired by our people’s passion for the environment.

EKFB is investing in our planet:

• Creating a lasting legacy project

• Providing a low carbon, sustainable mode of transport for many

• Project is providing jobs to local communities

• Habitat creation

• Aim for biodiversity gain

EKFBs Sustainability Lead, Rachel Riley, comments: “We are aware we have the opportunity to make a real positive impact on our planet and this propels the way in which we think about how all our business decisions impact the planet from materials used, to how to reduce embedded carbon in all our operating activities, not just our construction projects.”

Resources and more information available on:


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