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Transparency and Accountability in Race Equality Week

The month of February kicks off with Race Equality Week (1-7) with a theme of Transparency and Accountability.

Last year, EKFB launched a series of resources to educate and engage our people, as well as encourage open communication around the barriers and issues faced by ethnic minorities in the UK.

The fight for Race equality by no means started in 2020 but following the tragic deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd in North America, we have witnessed a growing wave of people across the world saying, ‘enough is enough’.

Building on the momentum of these tragic events and in honour of the theme of Transparency and Accountability, in 2021, we would like to signpost you to two external seminars discussing BAME issues that are happening this week.

The first is being hosted by Lydiah Igweh, chair of Oxford Brookes BAME Staff Network and director of Brookes Enterprise Support later today, Tuesday 2 February at 6pm, to discuss redefining BAME as a celebration of renowned black figures who dare to (B)e (A)mbitious and (M)odel (E)xcellence

The second is being hosted by Dr Leroy Logan MBE, former Metropolitan Police superintendent on Thursday 4 February at 6pm sharing his experiences and thoughts on how the police need to evolve and adapt to best serve our communities now and in the future.

Your voice matters. Your opinions are important. Let’s turn words into actions!

February is also LGBT+ History Month, so watch out for upcoming information later this month on LGBT+ History.


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