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National Apprenticeship Week part 3 - Will Aston

Will Aston joined EKFB in July 2020, as a Safety, Health and Wellbeing Advisor.

Currently studying for a Level 7 Apprenticeship in Risk and Safety Leadership, Will’s background includes an entry-level apprenticeship in business administration followed by a second apprenticeship at Level 3 in safety.

Speaking of his reasons for joining EKFB, Will noted that “The ability to work on an industry leading project like HS2 is a fantastic opportunity for anyone. It’s such a huge scale project with a great scope of works that I really wanted to get involved with. The opportunities truly are endless.”

Working day-to-day in the Safety, Health and Wellbeing team, Will splits his time between being on site playing a key part in connecting the construction team with the management, and being in the office where he provides general health and safety support, reviewing risk assessments and collaborating with the delivery teams. He says of his role that “nothing is routine, there is lots of change happening at the moment in safety and health and I’m at the forefront, developing alongside it”.

Will is positive about the impact of apprenticeships, having completed two, and now on his third. He says “I would say that apprenticeships are the best opportunity to develop your career, or transition careers while learning at the same time. Experience in this industry plays a major part, so being able to be on the job gaining experience while getting an industry-focused qualification is invaluable”.

Being mentored through his current apprenticeship, Will values the supportive nature of managers at EKFB to apprentices through mentoring. He also appreciates the open-minded nature to innovation and how new ideas are sought and implemented. He says “all eyes are on us, and we need to set an example for the industry”.

Speaking of his ambition once he receives his MSc in Risk and Safety Leadership, Will is hoping to work in a more strategic role that includes leadership. He said “Ideally I’d like to manage an apprentice and mentor them the way I have been throughout my journey”.


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