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National Apprenticeship Week part 1 - Elizabeth Durowoju

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Elizabeth Durowoju joined EKFB in 2018 and is currently studying for a degree-level apprenticeship in Civil Engineering with Project Management.

With a diverse early career path including college courses in both electronics engineering and mechanical engineering, Elizabeth’s time working as a contractor rail engineer eventually led her to EKFB.

With other companies offering her an apprenticeship opportunity, Elizabeth was attracted by the career progression and benefits of EKFB over other organisations. Of her decision, she says: “they impressed me, they encouraged women and minorities into the industry, and I felt comfortable and happy.”

Becoming a mum during her apprenticeship hasn’t stopped Elizabeth from gaining valuable experience across a number of teams in EKFB, including health & safety, undertakings and assurances (U & A), construction, BIM and community engagement.

Currently in the design management team on temporary works in the Aylesbury area, she notes that: “my time in community engagement and U & A really helped me to appreciate the scale of the project and I now have a much more rounded understanding of how it can impact the local area and the people that live there.” Elizabeth’s apprenticeship is due to finish in 2023.

A mentor to young people in her spare time through her church and a local charity, Elizabeth regularly recommends apprenticeships to others, commenting “I would 100% endorse an apprenticeship because you get work experience and a degree at the same time. I am learning new skills daily and I enjoy taking on the different challenges across EKFB.”


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