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EKFB creates new allotment areas for the community of Steeple Claydon

Volunteers from EKFB and H W Martin join representatives from the Steeple Claydon Allotment Society

Steeple Claydon, nestled into the Buckinghamshire countryside, is of one of our local communities that has benefitted from our community outreach projects.

Alongside H W Martin, we have been supporting the village’s Allotment Society to rejuvenate over 2000m2 of its existing allotment space by clearing brambles and hedgerow to make way for approximately 11 new half plots.

These newly created allotments will benefit local families and green finger enthusiasts alike and offer local people the opportunity to not only ‘grow your own’, but to also spend more time outdoors.

This week, EKFB engineers, Stefan Young and Ibrahim Arshad, were pleased to hand over the area to Society representatives, Paul and Ivor. Paul commented on the work carried out, saying:

“Thank you to EKFB and H W Martin for providing us with some much-needed support. In just four days, the area has been cleared, ready for us to start turning over the topsoil, and just in time to welcome new allotment members for spring. With many families and local people on the waiting list, I’m delighted to be in a position to open up the gates for new members to start enjoying this area over the next few weeks. Over the past few years, spending time at allotments has become a welcomed hobby for many who see the benefits of own-grown produce and most people can walk here, saving on car journeys.

Without the support of EKFB and H W Martin, clearing this space would have taken the Society much longer, and with limited resources, the space wouldn’t have been ready for our new members.”

EKFB’s Social Value and Legacy Manager, Elena Gonzalez, commented on the project work, saying: “Well done to Stefan and Ibrahim, and H W Martin, who have worked hard to create a great space for the Allotment Society and their members. Steeple Claydon is close to our works and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to offer our neighbours a lending hand in this project.”

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