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EKFB continues to transform the industry supported by CITB

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

EKFB is proud of the success off its CITB funded training hub, which has been in operation since 2018.

In 2018 EKFB received funding from the CITB’s Construction Skills Fund to train new entrants to the construction industry. Our goal was to train 400 new people and support them with job opportunities linked to the HS2 project. We targeted local training companies close to the route to demonstrate a return on investment to local businesses. Since then we have trained more than 500 people new to our industry and invested over £300k in local training and support of businesses.

The success of this training led the CITB to offer us an extension to train a further 200 people during 2020/2021. Our plans remain to target people local to our works and use local training businesses to support with delivery.

We have seen many successes along the way from our alumni. One our previous trainees, Antony Dean Smart, recently shared his experience with us.

Antony’s oven cleaning business of over 10 years suddenly went into financial trouble because of the inevitable effects of the pandemic. One day when he was scrolling online looking for jobs, he came across the CITB training advert on Indeed and decided to apply for it. After a couple of weeks, he was enrolled on the programme for an ADT course at Apple Construction near Southam. 2 months after completing the course, Antony secured a job with L Lynch Plant where he is now working as a CPCS ADT operator on the HS2 project.

His career plans are to progress to a tractor and 360 operator and stay on the HS2 project until it is complete. L Lynch has also committed to train him on other plants to support his career progression.

“This opportunity has improved the quality of my life as I have more family time and I am enjoying my work as I live locally to it,” Antony told us. “I am a lot happier now as it has taken away the stress I had, and I now have a role I love and enjoy working for a great company on one the largest projects in Europe. I can be proud knowing I helped build it in years to come.”

Previous successes of the EKFB Training Hub include working with HMP Springhill prison near Calvert where the CITB funding enabled us to offer people that all-important second chance and help reduce re-offending. HMP Springhill is an open prison where inmates can be released daily to work. Overall, we trained nearly 30 inmates, all of whom received Plant Operator accreditations and are now qualified to operate plant on site.

The EKFB training hub has helped Antony find a fulfilling job with L Lynch Plant.


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