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Designing to Protect Biodiversity

As part of plans to ensure that wildlife habitats are protected along the HS2 route during Phase One, the Eiffage Kier environmental department are working with the Arcadis, COWI and Setec Design Joint Venture to digitally capture information about habitats in targeted areas.

Using GIS data within the BIM modelling environment, the team can calculate the levels of biodiversity in different areas along the route, allowing them to pinpoint dense areas of protected flora and fauna. The data will then be used alongside the designers’ calculations to influence design decisions and achieve HS2’s objectives for a no net loss (NNL) in biodiversity.

As part of the NNL initiative, low value habitat areas such as wasteland may be replaced with more high value wildlife such as wild flowers and plants to encourage more diverse varieties of species.

Snapshots will be taken every three months through Stage One Design to update HS2 on progress.

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