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EKFB Induction FAQs

If my role is route wide, do I need to book EKFB inductions for every section I’m working on?
No, only one induction is now required - the new EKFB induction will cover all sections.

If I have completed a route wide induction plus one or more area orientation in 2021, do I need to attend the new EKFB induction? 
No, the new EKFB induction now covers all sections. Localised site orientations will be delivered at site level. 

Where will my card be issued?
On completion of the new EKFB induction, your card will be issued at the location you attend.

Will my card work on another section? 
If you have completed the EKFB induction, or attended a route wide plus one or more area orientations, your induction record will be checked locally and aligned to that section. Please note, you are still required to attend a localised site orientation.


Why have I been asked to attend another induction?
If you have attended an induction but not worked on an EKFB site in the last 6 months, your access to site will be blocked. Therefore, you need to be re-inducted 


Do I still need to attend ELITE? 
Yes - ELITE is still mandatory for all operatives joining the project. For existing operatives currently on the project – attendance is required by 1st April 2022. After this date, your access to EKFB sites may be denied.


Where can I find joining instructions for the new EKFB induction?
Web based joining instructions can be found below


EKFB Induction - G2S

EKFB Induction - T2G

EKFB Induction - CA

EKFB Induction - AA

EKFB Induction - NCA


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