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Making the Right Choice with our supply chain partners

Following on from our engagement gala for everyone on site a couple of weeks ago, we got together with supply chain partners for our third leadership event which focussed on the same theme as the gala; Making the Right Choice.

73 leaders gathered at Whittlebury Hall to look at each pillar of Making the Right Choice promoting awareness and consistency in our approach to embedding the four simple actions across our 80kms which are designed to ensure that we stay safe and deliver our project to the highest standard.

Among discussions, two areas were highlighted by the group as being of particular interest and needing our collective attention:

  • Thinking before we act: How we can utilise our collective power to drive opportunities into our local communities particularly among young and disadvantaged groups

  • Looking out for each other: How we can take genuine steps to support the wellbeing of our people

A follow on conference is being planned for 21st September to enable a focus on these two areas of Social Value and Wellbeing in more detail.

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