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Tackle unconscious bias

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Tap into diverse talent pools

Diversity Champions

Equality Impact Assessments

Industry changing procurement and SME engagement

Inclusive Safety, Health & Wellbeing

Community volunteering

EDI Steering Committee

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FREDIE objectives in PDRs

Industry Change

 A more diverse, inclusive and higher performing sector

We want to create a truly diverse and equal organisation which is at the forefront of our industry. We want to ensure that FREDIE is embedded in our culture, reflected in our people and behaviours. 

From reviewing the accessibility of our sites and communications, to rolling out training for our people and partners to assessing the equality impact of our work, FREDIE is the golden thread in everything we do at EKFB.


It's not just about getting the job done: we are committed to leaving a legacy by improving lives, communities and the construction industry as a whole by providing sustained employment opportunities.

Whether you are a job applicant, temporary worker,  secondment, contractor or consultant at EKFB, everyone has a contribution to make.


We welcome different ways of thinking, encourage innovation and aim to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels they are able to be themselves and raise new ideas.​



E quality

D iversity

I nclusion

E ngagement



It is a shared responsibility for everyone involved in the project to draw on the skills from a universal talent pool and make sure that our employment policies and practices warrant equal opportunity and treatment for all.


We need to continue to reduce barriers into work, whilst raising the profile of a career in transport, engineering and construction. FREDIE is the Golden Thread in everything we do, from the development of staff right through to the diversity of our supply chain. Explore the Golden Thread further below...


Your role in FREDIE

The Golden Thread


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