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EKFB joins the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

Today, Monday 31st July, EKFB is proud to launch its new membership with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, a global network supporting people whose disabilities aren’t always visible.

Globally, 1 in 6 of us live with a disability, which is approximately 1.3 billion people*. Within EKFB, we estimate that around 10% of our workforce has a non-visible disability that we’re aware of, but we believe there are far more people who need support. This new alliance will be a catalyst to raise awareness of the help and support on offer for others who are yet to come forward for support.

Victoria Hingley spearheaded the new initiative, citing:

“There are hundreds of aliments and conditions which are considered a hidden disability, and EKFBs new membership has been implemented to support those who may need extra support at work, in whatever form that is. This is a huge step forward to ensuring that our people are happy, comfortable and supported while at work, but ultimately, we want everyone to feel a sense of belonging.”

The Sunflower membership benefits include a suite of learning tools to support line managers and peers alike. It’s also a carbon neutral programme. To mark our Sunflower membership, we’ll be adding a splash of colour to our sites and compounds with sunflowers (the symbol of the organisation) and fitting out our fleet with Sunflower stickers, to demonstrate our commitment, raise awareness of invisible disabilities and open up the conversation.

Commenting on EKFB’s new membership, Paul White, CEO, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, said:

“EKFB employ thousands of people, and so their membership makes a huge contribution to the construction industry and society. They are supporting their own people with non-visible disabilities, while also empowering them to support one another and share what the Sunflower means with their friends and families, which contributes to making inclusive Sunflower-friendly communities.”

Find out more about the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower by visiting their website.

Victoria explains more in this video:


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