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EKFB installs new beehives across the trace

Last year we announced our unique partnership with the Great British Bee Project (GBBP) to protect and expand populations of the endangered British Black Bee – Britain’s only native honey bee species - across the UK.

We are buzzing to announce that this month 16 beehives were installed across Stoke Mandeville and Nash Lee Road in NC2A, Doddershall and Fox Covert in T2G. This means we now have a total of 19 hives installed across the trace, with just one more due to be added.

The Great British Bee Project is on a mission to reverse the decline of the British Black Bee by rearing queen bees and expanding colonies into new locations. This initiative builds resilience for the native population and showcases our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our involvement, as part of the UK’s biggest environment project, not only protects and supports the vital role that this threatened species plays in our ecosystem, but also contributes to the preservation of these amazing pollinators. By creating bee-friendly habitats and raising awareness, we're protecting and supporting the vital role that bees play in our ecosystem, providing a real opportunity to enable the expansion of this threatened species across the UK.

Our participation in the Great British Bee Project also allows us to connect with local communities, fostering unity and inspiring others to join the cause.

A huge shout out to our Ecology team for their fantastic work in making this happen. Let's continue to embrace this opportunity and create a more sustainable future for both the bees and our communities.


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