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Eiffage Kier Meet the Contractors

Over 440 businesses flocked to the VOX in Birmingham for HS2's Meet the Contactor event on 10th May to find out about how to become involved with the most exciting UK infrastructure project in a generation.

Around 20 representatives from Eiffage Kier were present alongside the other HS2 Joint Ventures, supporting HS2 on specialist subject stands as well as staffing an Eiffage Kier networking stand and taking part in collaborative workshops. Ten minute one-to-one sessions between the EK procurement team and Tier 2 sub-contractors also took part throughout the day on a rolling basis.

The overarching aim of the event was to allow the potential future HS2 supply chain to interact with contractors from the MWCC and EWC to find out about subcontractor requirements including EDI, Innovation, Sustainability and SEE targets.

Eiffage Kier also supported HS2 in other fields of expertise including Safety, Health & Wellbeing and Community Engagement and some of Eiffage Kier's apprentices supported with the National College for High Speed Rail exhibit.

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