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1. What is the C23 Awards?

The C23 Awards is our annual awards ceremony, where we recognise and reward inspirational people, behaviour, teams and projects across the C23 programme.  


2. Who is the C23 Awards for?

The C23 Awards are for our One Team. That means it’s open to everyone working on, or involved with, the C23 Project including EKFB, HS2, ASC and our full supply chain. 


3. How do I win an award?

You’ll either need to make a winning submission for a team or piece of work you’re involved in, or someone else will need to make a winning submission on you. If you are planning to make a submission, please click here to carefully read the criteria. Only those submissions that meet the criteria stand a chance of being shortlisted.

This year’s categories are:


​4. I can't see the categories I want to apply for on the submissions page, why is this?

The following categories will be judged on performance metrics and will not be based on submissions:

  • Best Supplier

  • Best Subcontractor 

  • Delivery Project of the Year

The Speak Up Award is based on the monthly and quarterly winners, as shown on the graphic below:

​5. When and where will the C23 Awards be held?

This year’s event will once again be held at Silverstone Race Circuit in Northamptonshire. It will be held on the evening of Thursday 14th November. More information will follow on this shortly.

6. How do I get invited to the awards?

To be invited you need to be shortlisted for an award. Depending on numbers, those who nominate someone who is shortlisted may also be invited. You may also be invited as a key stakeholder, depending on the shortlisted nominations, or as a guest of someone who has been nominated. So get nominating now to improve your chances!


7. How are the awards judged?

A panel of judges from across the C23 programme and JV parent companies will be judging the awards using a number-based scoring system that reflects the criteria for each category. Depending on the category, it is judged on either the written submission plus an in person presentation, or just the written submission. Some of the new categories are also judged on performance metrics.


8. What is the time frame for the submission and judging process?

Award submissions will be open from Tuesday 7th May until midnight on Friday 26th July 2024. The initial shortlisting will take place in August, followed by the judging week to decide the final winners in early September. Anyone who is shortlisted may be invited to attend a judging day during this week. Invitations will then be issued for the awards in mid-September.

9. What period of time do submissions need to reflect?

Submissions must reflect anything from summer 2023 to spring 2024. Anything before summer 2023 will not be considered, as this should have been entered into last year’s awards.

10. Can I submit supporting content with my submission?

Yes, there is the option to upload supporting files to your submission at the end of the submission form. You can attach up to 2 sides of A4 as a PDF or Word Document. The maximum file size is 2MB per file, and a maximum of 10 files over all can be submitted. The supporting document can be images, videos, or presentations, but further wording outside of the allocated word count in each submission will not be considered. 


11. What if I want to attach images to my submission?

You must submit them embedded either in PDF or Word documents. The maximum file size is 2MB per file, and a maximum of 10 files over all can be submitted. 

12. I’m having trouble with the submission form, who do I contact?

Please contact

13. Can I make more than one submission?

Of course – you can enter as many submissions as you’d like! Please ensure you read the category criteria before doing so.


14. What is the word limit?

The word limit differs depending on the category. The word limit for each question is clearly stated on each submission form. 

15. What happens if my submission exceeds the word limit?

You will not be able to submit if you exceed the word limit. You will instead be prompted to reduce your word count. 

16. How long does it take to fill out the submission form?

It depends on how much information you include, but we estimate that the submission form should take you around 10 minutes to complete. 

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