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Two Thumbs Up for Plant Safety Week

Last week, EKFB came together for its Plant Safety Week, a week-long campaign run by its supply chain partners which provided Plant and People Interface training to EKFBs five delivery sections.

A series of briefings were delivered in a classroom-based setting, followed by practical sessions outside, which allowed attendees to get up close to some of the machines in a safe environment and get an operator’s eye view from the driver’s seat, raising awareness of the risks associated with large construction plant.

At the peak of this summer, EKFB is expecting over 1200 items of plant machinery to be in use across its sections. From 90t excavators to dozers and compacters, plant movements on the ground will increase exponentially over the next few months. This training and awareness is crucial to keeping our people safe and out of harm’s way and the successful delivery of the project.

Sessions were led by supply chain partners: Blackwells, Roadbridge, the Buckingham Group, and Walters. EKFB’s sites in Northamptonshire welcomed a combined training effort from Plantforce and Flannery. The two teams brought together a mix of training methods including group briefings, a simulator and first-hand interaction with demo plant for people to experience how the machinery works, how to move around machinery safely and how to spot plant hazards.

“Last week, Plantforce was delighted to work in collaboration with EKFB to organise and deliver People Plant Interface Training to its workforce. By working alongside Flannery, we brought a wider range of industry experience and knowledge together to design and execute this training effectively. We were very impressed with the commitment to safety shown by all the attendees, who actively engaged with the training and enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the equipment in a safe environment.” Sam Mercer, Plantforce Chief Operating Officer

Earthworks Director, Mark Harrington, said: “Thank you to our supply chain partners for taking the time to organise and deliver this campaign, which has been a great success, and to everyone who attended for being part of it and demonstrating their own commitment to safety. This training is so important and safety continues to be our priority as we prepare ourselves for a busy earthworks year."

Watch the team in action on the video below

Video provided by Plantforce.


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