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Innovative Digital Project Controls Solution Wins Global Award

LogiKal, in partnership with Eiffage Kier Ferrovial and BAM Nuttall (EKFB), has won the prestigious Global Award for Project Controls Innovation at the Project Controls Expo Awards 2021 for SmartCOST, a state-of-the-art 5D Building Information Modelling (BIM) solution integrating digital engineering, commercial management, planning and project controls. Iain Cameron, Director and leader of the BIM part of the Research and Development Group at LogiKal, was also a finalist for the coveted Global Project Controls Professional of the Year.

Judges were looking for both innovation within Project Controls for projects and evidence of how its wider use within organisations and society could contribute to successful future change. As one of the joint ventures working with HS2 Ltd to deliver civil engineering works for an 80km section of the UK’s new high-speed rail project, EKFB teamed up with LogiKal to implement SmartCOST, which provides a single cost reporting, significantly reducing the effort to monitor and control progress.

Previously, progress was measured by various teams for different purposes. The integrated 5D BIM approach enabled the project team to make informed decisions during the design, construction and operational phases, using a single measurement of progress.

Comprehensive end-user dashboards are used to produce reports, saving on manual data processing. This helps eliminate errors which occur when manually handling data, for example when excel spreadsheets are formatted incorrectly or in the wrong template, so the team can be confident that the project data is telling a precise story about the project performance. This instant and accurate reporting also allows the project team to spend their time analysing the numbers and make accurate data-driven decisions rather than ‘number crunching’. LogiKal are now commencing development of 5D BIM enabled progress collection apps for use in the field by the delivery teams, to enable further management time savings.

“We are very proud that LogiKal and EKFB has won the Global Award for Project Controls Innovation at the Project Controls Expo Awards,” says Bryn Lockett, CEO of LogiKal.

“The SmartCOST solution has provided better scope definition and cost assurances through the linking of data which was crucial to achieving the desired benefits of the project. The time spent on reporting has been significantly reduced and will undoubtedly have large cost savings across the project lifecycle. This is an impressive legacy for the successful implementation of 5D BIM supporting a mega project like HS2 and will no doubt accelerate digital improvement across the industry.”

“The implementation of this ground-breaking 5D BIM solution, which integrates scope, schedule and costs, has brought a wide range of benefits to EKFB and our work on the HS2 project,” says Peter Bimson, Project Director for EKFB.

The SmartCOST solution is now being championed as an industry-leading example of best practice. LogiKal is dedicated to sharing best practice in project controls and has shared the SmartCOST innovation with the industry through various presentations at the Project Controls Expo, the Project Controls Summit and events at Birmingham City University.

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