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EKFB supports local food larders

In a display of community spirit and support, EKFB has stepped up to assist local food larders in Northamptonshire, ensuring that those most in need continue to receive essential requirements.

A picture of various cereals, tins and jars of food on two tables

David Butcher, Engagement Manager for T2G, was contacted by John Marchant, Coordinator of Helmdon Community Larder, who also serves as the Helmdon Parish Council Representative on the HS2/EKFB liaison team. John explained an unexpected breakdown in their transportation chain which threatened operations at food larders in Brackley, Helmdon, and Woodford Halse.

Recognising the urgency of the situation and its potential impact on underprivileged communities, David swiftly coordinated some assistance from EKFB’s Senior Works Manager Colin Dunkerton and in no time at all, confirmed that we could help with transportation.

On February 2nd, 2024, Arunesh Prasad from the Logistics team set off from his home near Leicester to collect stores for the larders. Despite the heavy nature of some food items and the considerable distance travelled, Arunesh managed to deliver provisions efficiently.

An image of three men dressed in orange PPE
Arunesh, Harry and Andy

Storeman Harry (Harinder) Singh and Fork Lift driver Andy Babbington also joined the mission by accompanying John back to Helmdon and helping unload supplies into the village hall. Their friendly conversation and hard work left a lasting positive impression on many volunteers that were present that day.

John Marchant, Coordinator of Helmdon Community Larder said: “The presence of David, Arnesh, Harry and Andy has had a major impact on Brackley and Helmdon. They took the “Lions” share of unloading and reloading in their stride and it was clear that they were fully aware of our need and supported us throughout with excellent friendly conversation with many of the Larder volunteers. None of this would have been possible if we had not the excellent liaison service with EKFB.”

The team also came to the rescue and helped Helmdon food larder out last Friday. The swift action taken by David Butcher and his colleagues at EKFB not only ensured these vital services remained operational but also highlighted their commitment to supporting local communities. Their efforts have been warmly praised by both Larder members and Unitary Councillors alike.

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