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EKFB’s ‘Race the Trace’ raises over £6000 for local charities

As the end of the year approaches, our people have been busy fundraising for a plethora of local charities. Our charity outreach initially started in autumn when our five construction sections and the route wide support team were challenged to race the length of the ‘trace’ (a staggering 80km in total) to raise money for local charities which are located close to our works.

EKFB's Social Value and Legacy Manager, Elena Gonzalez, and HS2 Project Manager, Paul Cooper, present representatives from the Brackley Food Bank with a novelty cheque for £1,000.

The 2021 chosen charities were: The Brackley Food Bank, Northamptonshire; Mind Buckinghamshire, Dogs for Good, Alec's Angels, The Healthy Living Centre, and the route wide charity was NHS Charities Together.

This fundraising event was achieved by encouraging teams to be active and clock up steps (all forms of exercise were counted) to help their delivery section win the race and reach the end of the trace first. For every 100,000 points earned by each team, £100 was donated to charity. The first section to reach 1 million points won.

Just seventeen days into the race, our Calvert Team emerged as the winner by reaching 1 million points first. However, the challenge didn’t stop there, the teams kept going until we raised an impressive total of £6073.

One of the project’s organisers, Georgia Williams, commented: “We were overwhelmed with everyone’s input during our first ever edition of Race the Trace. We are thrilled to have raised a staggering £6073 for our chosen local charities up and down the trace, from South Buckinghamshire to Northamptonshire. Thanks again to everyone who walked, cycled and exercised, and to the project team for organising this event - Laurie Michel, Elena Gonzalez and Michael Valentine.”    And a very special shout out to:

  • Bob Meadows, who donated over 360,000 points earned over the course of the month to the T2G Team to help them along the final stretch

  • David Griffiths-Allen, who cycled the length of the trace alone

  • Simon Jeffrey, who ran the length of the trace alone

  • Richard Smith, who cycled 100 miles in one day

  • CA football team who played 4 matches during the month

  • NCA football team who played regular matches during the month

  • Arjun Sharma for the best yoga poses

  • Mariana Verben for consistently running for 1.30-3 hours almost every day


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