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EKFB hydro-powers up with GeoPura

Showcasing our carbon initiatives, our team in Aylesbury hosted a site visit with our supply chain partner, GeoPura, to show representatives from our parent companies the recently installed hydrogen powered units in action.

The visit provided the opportunity to learn how hydrogen is benefiting the works in a greener and more sustainable way. This is one of our first hydrogen units on a EKFB site, currently powering the FCCS office at the Thame Valley Viaduct.   

The Hydrogen Powered Units provide zero-emission fuels and clean power technologies, with the only byproduct being water, which will play an integral part on our carbon reduction target and support the transition to diesel free sites. The units can also be securely monitored and operated by a remote device in real time, reducing the need for operatives to be present on-site. 


For us, the GeoPura Hydrogen Power Units so far have saved us 140 tCO2e of scope 1 emissions, equating to 55,000 litres of diesel being avoided for on-site use. These considerable savings are the equivalent to: 

560 Economy flights from London to Rome 

260,000 miles travelled in a medium sized family car 

250 households’ annual electricity emissions

To round off the visit, we invited our guested onto the designated deck area of the Thame Valley Viaduct to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe the scale of the works from a vantage point. The group were greeted by Noel Cooper, Project Manager for FCCS, who is leading the works at the Thame Valley Viaduct. Noel spoke about the redesign of the Thame Valley Viaduct, and how the structure was integral in reducing our carbon impact but designed with the surrounding environment in mind. 


EKFB’s Carbon Manager, Alan Silvester, had this to say about the visit: “It was great to have the opportunity to show representatives from our parent companies the fantastic work that the Aylesbury team have been undertaking on the Thame Valley Viaduct. Having our GeoPura partners talk through the innovative Hydrogen Power Unit that is providing zero carbon power to the compound there was incredibly insightful and hopefully helps share the lessons learned on the project up to the parents. Additionally, having FCCS show us the viaduct works, seeing the design come to life and how the offsite manufactured structure is being put into place was encouraging to see.” 


We would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this visit a success. GeoPura and our parent companies would like to give their thanks to the team for providing such an enjoyable visit out on-site. 


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