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EKFB announces partnerships with labour agencies to support HS2’s central works

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

EKFB, a joint venture between Eiffage, Kier, Ferrovial Construction and BAM Nuttall, has awarded contracts to six specialist labour-only subcontractors to support employment requirements for the next four years.

As one of HS2’s main construction partners, EKFB, requires 2,500 of skilled operatives across an 80-kilometre section of the new high-speed rail link between the Chiltern Tunnel and Long Itchington Wood between now and 2024.

EKFB and the labour providers will focus on offering these roles to local people, underrepresented groups and new entrants to the industry – a target of 4% of the EKFB workforce will be apprentices. EKFB and the six labour providers have entered into a collaborative agreement and set up what is known as the ‘Labour Desk’ to fulfil all EKFB resource. The six labour providers are: Carmichael, Reliable Contactors, VGC, Danny Sullivan Group, Venesky-Brown, and McGinley. These subcontractors have been selected via a detailed tender process part of which included an innovative behavioural assessment between the tenderers and EKFB.

EKFB Labour Manager, Philip Manning, who is responsible for managing the labour requirements, commented: “Together, EKFB and its agencies are committed to ensuring supply of blue-collar labour on EKFB projects is delivered effectively and is managed on time and on budget. We will work collaboratively to ensure all labour providers have an equal opportunity to supply workers to the project, share best practise and maintain compliance with industry legislation.

“By taking a ‘best for project’ decision-making approach, EKFB and its labour suppliers will collaborate to proactively resource the project, lead by example and drive industry best practice.”

The objectives of the ‘Labour Desk’ are to support the delivery of the EKFB JV project by managing the supply of competent operatives, as well as supporting the project to leave a lasting legacy for the local communities. EKFB and its chosen providers are committed to improving lives, communities and the construction industry by providing sustained employment opportunities.


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