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Taking care of our Wellbeing the virtual way during lock down

At Eiffage Kier the safety, health and wellbeing of our team has always been our top priority and remains so during these testing times. It’s important that, while everyone is adjusting to the new norm of home working, we stay connected and look after each other. Our newly appointed clan of Wellbeing champions has been busy coming up with creative ways to use technology to our team to stay in touch and stay healthy. Take a look at the virtual sessions we’ll be running over the next few weeks…


We’re sure that just like the Wellbeing Champions, many of the team are missing those all-important tea and coffee kitchen trips to help to break up the day and have a social catchup with each other. EKafé is a virtual coffee shop, where our team can drop in for a chat in the same way as they would chat in the canteen or kitchen area. The café will be open all day for anyone to drop in, with some sessions hosted by our Wellbeing Champions community.

EK Swap Shop

It may be harder to get hold of some items at the moment, so we’ve set up a virtual swap shop where our staff can let each other know if they have items that they don’t require that someone else in the business may need. The team can also use the swap shop to let people know of local or online places that have specific stocks and get advice on where to get items they really need.

Virtual Fitness Sessions

Being indoors doesn’t mean we can’t stay fit and healthy. We’ll be hosting a variety of online fitness sessions including yoga, family friendly sessions and aerobics for our team. These are short lunchtime sessions for all abilities.

Mindfulness Sessions

Working from home when you have a family who are trapped indoors too, or if you’re all on your own, can be difficult in really different ways. We recognise that now more than ever it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We’re offering our team a range of online mindfulness sessions, to help calm and focus busy minds. Our short mindfulness sessions not only focus on breathing but also introduce the concept of ‘visualisation’, which is all about letting the sun in when it all feels very cloudy in your head.

Virtual Language Sessions

We’ve always been incredibly lucky to have had a broad mix of nationalities under our roof at Eiffage Kier, so we’re now offering our team the chance to keep brains stimulated while learning a new language with their colleagues. Not only will it open up our minds to new languages and cultures, it’s also a great opportunity for the team to actually learn more about each other while broadening their horizons.

At Eiffage Kier we’re lucky to have a dedicated team of Wellbeing Champions who are committed to weaving the wellbeing agenda throughout everything we do, even during a worldwide crisis like the COVID-19 outbreak.

Remember to stay home, stay safe and continue looking out for each other.

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