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Gavin Llewellyn, Calvert 

Individual Performance Winner, 2022 

Gavin Llewellyn was presented with the coveted Individual Performance Award at the first-ever C23 Awards in 2022. As a senior project manager working in the Calvert Area, Gavin was nominated for the award by his colleagues. A panel of judges reviewed all entries submitted and agreed that Gavin was a stand-out candidate and a worthy winner. Let’s get to know Gavin...

“It feels great to be recognised and to be in a position where I can do what I do successfully in my role, help my team achieve and be someone who can contribute in a positive way to such a huge project in my small part.”

  • Arkwright Scholarship during A-Levels giving exposure/support to/from the industry

  • Studied Civil Engineering at Loughborough University

  • Diploma in industrial studies with BAM Nuttall whilst studying for degree

Employment & Training
  • Joined BAM Nuttall in 2007 as a trainee engineer

  • Training in Temporary Works, Lifting, Rail, Safety, Environment – whatever the job needs.

  • Worked on railway projects his entire career from Stations to Bridges to Depots

  • Joined the C23 team in April 2021

Outside of Work I…

        Spend time with my family and friends; play golf; listen to podcasts; and bake - everything from cake to cheese scones

Gavin, what were your early school years like?

        “I was always fascinated with how things worked from a young age, stereotypical for an engineer, I loved Lego and was
         always building things with whatever I could get my hands on. At school I enjoyed Maths, Physics and Design Technology
         so engineering of some kind was always on the cards. When I applied for the Arkwright Scholarship at 16, I was lucky
         enough to get a sponsor; it opened my eyes to the industry, and it was my first visit to ICE in London. After that it was just
         written in the stars as they say.”


What did you do before joining the HS2 Project? 

        “After a brief stint in flood defences as a trainee engineer, I spent the following 12 years of my career prior to EKFB, in the
         rail industry.

        “This ranged from building a large railway depot in London to constructing new railway bridges all over England and then
         upgrading old railway 
stations in the Scottish Highlands. All of which presented their own challenges with some being
         large Joint Venture projects and some being smaller, 
dedicated teams working towards an Easter or Christmas
         possession – the former being always stressful but always so rewarding once complete.”


What projects are you currently working on?

        “I am responsible for demolition, highways and the HS2 structures along the Calvert North Route. So, a wide variety of
         disciplines and projects. 
Currently, my teams are constructing the Perry Hill Overbridge, with the steel deck to be landed
         later this year, and works are progressing on multiple highway and utility diversions and we’re preparing for the next two
         bridges to start very soon.”


What’s a typical workday like for you?

        “It won’t be a surprise to many that no two days are the same. A normal day typically involves an early briefing with my
         team to determine how the a
ctions for the week are progressing, where there are any blockers how I/we can enable
         them and move forward – then working on those actions. 

        “Due to the scope of works being large there will a progress meeting for a specific asset to chair and establish the longer
          term lookahead and review 
of the week gone – either internally or with Sub-contractors. 
        “Other daily duties on a normal day will be working with the planning department on long term programmes/updates, the
          QS on commercial reporting, closing out EWN/CE reviews. 

        “Then it is always nice to get out with the team on site and review the works progression on the ground and help with an
         on site inspection, troubleshoot any issues on the workface or look at upcoming work phases.”

What career advice would you give to younger people coming into the industry?

1.    On the bad days, it will be fine! The person who never made a mistake has clearly never built anything, as they say!~
           Learn from it and use it to be better next time. 

2.   Always have ambitious goals for the year ahead and go after them. 

3.   Know what and where you want to be in five years’ time. A successful career is like steps in a dance, you got to take
           them one at a time to get to the best version of you and your goal/ultimate role.

4.   Seek out those that share your passion for the industry and are willing to answer all your questions – and always ask
When the time comes make sure you be that person for someone else and give back and help the industry and its

5.   Remember, we will not become the diverse, equal and innovative industry we want without you!

“From day one here in EKFB, and Calvert especially, everyone has just been fantastic. I have never met a more diverse, professional, and collaborative group of people and every day is just a joy to be here. It is not often you can say that about a project. Everyone has interesting stories and I have learnt so much from so many in a short space of time and have been able to teach many others in turn. For a project of this scale for it to be truly “One Team” is something special.”
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