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Biosite FAQs

We are partnering with Biosite, a leading provider of site access and workforce management systems. The solution helps us to provide a more secure, safer and easier way to access our sites. Here are some FAQs to provide you with more information about the system.

What is Biosite?

Biosite is the workforce management solution where its main purpose is to help EKFB to manage its legal obligations as a responsible company as well as its obligations to you. It is an online solution that helps us to know who is on site at any given point for fire safety purposes and general health and safety, to check on worker competence to ensure you are appropriately trained and qualified to do your job, to check your fitness to work and put in place any reasonable adjustments you may need. The tool also enables us to deliver inductions and critical messages to you. The safety and wellbeing of our workforce is our priority.

How does it work?

You will be asked to pre-register to set up a profile that is unique to you. Under your profile, you will be asked a number of questions about you including your contact information, your competence and a short health assessment through a separate link (full details about what personal data is collected about you is available at Once on site, you will be asked to provide your fingerprint and facial recognition scan which will enable us to control entry to our sites. To gain entry to our sites you will either need to scan your fingerprint or your face at the site entrance.

What are the benefits of Biosite?

The safety and wellbeing of our workforce is our priority. The tool enables us know who is on site in the event of an emergency and do a ‘roll call’. Biosite helps us to manage your safety and ensure that we have people who are qualified to do their roles. Your qualification and experience helps us to maintain your own safety and those of others on site. The platform allows us to deliver our induction consistently and efficiently and ensures that you are able to start your job in a timely manner.

As a responsible business, we strive to improve our sustainability credentials. Understanding whether our workforce is local to the sites that we work at is central to that.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities and recognise the benefits of diversity in our workplace. Biosite enables EKFB to better understand the diversity of its workforce and to help improve the environment in which you work.

We are also committed to playing a part in the developing the potential of the UK’s workforce and accordingly track the apprentices we have on site.

Is my data secure?

Before EKFB implements any IT solution, the supplier undergoes a rigorous IT security process to understand the security arrangements. The personal data held on the system is encrypted at rest and in transit and is only available to view by those who need access in accordance with their roles. Biosite is accredited with an information security certification that requires that specified controls are in place to ensure safety and security of data on an ongoing basis.

Do you store my fingerprints and facial recognition details?

Your fingerprint and facial details are converted into an encrypted code that it unique to you. Your fingerprints and facial details are deleted almost instantaneously (in less than a second) from the platform.

I’m not a EKFB employee, do you still need to process my data?

EKFB needs to have details about everyone on-site to enable it to comply with laws including health and safety and to put in place measures to manage your personal safety.

EKFB conducts automated decision making - what are my options?

For safety and security reasons we employ barriers on many of our sites where entry is enabled by scanning your fingerprint or face on the reader. We make decisions about site entry based on a number of factors, including your fitness to work. That decision is then automatically implemented by the barriers on site. If you would like to request human intervention at the point of entry or if you would like to challenge any decisions made, please contact the supervisor on-site to discuss alternative options.

Why do you need to carry out Right to Work checks?

All companies in the UK are required by law to check that each employee has the right to work in the UK. Aside from the requirement to conduct checks by law, EKFB takes a number of measures to help safeguard the safety and wellbeing of our workforce. Illegal working can leave workers vulnerable to exploitation and have a negative impact on wages received by the worker. These checks are applicable to our entire workforce and may be conducted at certain intervals, including when you start working with us.

Why is my email address required?

From time to time, EKFB may need to contact you to provide important information to you including critical health and safety related communications such as details about training you may be required to undergo.

Where can I get more information?

Please speak with the site supervisor for more information about Biosite. If you would like further information about your personal data and what we do with it, please visit:

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