Safety, Health & Wellbeing

Real safety and health isn’t just about processes and procedures, it’s about culture, people and the choices they make.

 Eiffage Kier brings together two successful companies, each with mature cultures and competent people. These foundations will allow us to develop ways of working which realise our Six Positive Outcomes and bring our Value of Safety, Health & Wellbeing, Always to life, creating a culture which is driven by visible leadership, delivered through teamwork and confirmed through assurance.

 This is Exceptional Safety, Health & Wellbeing.

Glenn Christiansen,

Safety, Health & Wellbeing Director

Our Strategy will create a health and safety culture driven by visible leadership, delivered through teamwork and confirmed through assurance.


Our Strategy is supported by Six Positive Outcomes which align with the eight HS2 Health & Safety Principles.

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  • We will demonstrate a collaborative and determined commitment to improving Safety, Health & Wellbeing throughout all our activities.

  • We will ensure the Safety, Health & Wellbeing at work of ALL our people (all staff and workforce whether from the joint venture parent companies or from our suppliers and sub-contractors) and those that interface with us at any level.

  • We will improve understanding and awareness of health and wellbeing issues and the support available both within and outside Eiffage Kier.

  • We will comply with the requirements of all relevant legislation while striving at all times and in all areas to be exceptional. This uncompromising commitment to ensuring exceptional standards of Safety, Health & Wellbeing at work will deliver our collective success.


We will create a working environment where everyone goes home safely every day. Our vision of creating safe and healthy workplaces is supported by our value of Safety, Health & Wellbeing Always.


We will collaborate and engage to ensure that ill health and safety related incidents are deemed unacceptable. This approach will ensure we all work in an environment that creates innovation, provides a greater sense of happiness, develops a positive culture and encourages engagement from all of our people and stakeholders, with behavioural development and exceptional performance its cornerstone.



Safety, Health & Wellbeing Always










Driven by visible leadership, delivered through teamwork and confirmed through assurance

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