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Project Manager

A project manager can choose to specialise in a range of areas and has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, risk management, controlling and closure of a project. Project managers need strong organisational and time keeping skills and may oversee a team of people, acting as the bridge between senior managers.

What would I do?

  • Developing a project strategy, schedule, timeline and targets

  • Assembling and leading a project team

  • Working towards strict deadlines and budgets

  • Managing risks and issues

  • Progress monitoring against targets

  • Implementing and managing change when necessary to meet project outputs

  • Analysing and reporting information and data

  • Presenting problems and solutions to stakeholders

  • Evaluate and assess results of the project

Possible duties:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Excellent decision-making, team work and leadership capabilities

  • Contract negotiation

  • Conflict resolution experience

  • Adaptability

  • Able to tolerate stress

  • Strong organisational skills

  • Good communication skills​

Skills needed

As a project manager, what to expect would depend on what sort of project you’ll be leading. It is likely that you’d be split between being office based and site based, working around 40 hours per week and overseeing a small team. You may also be required to travel for some meetings and events.

What to expect


  • Starting salaries can be from £20,000 and £25,000 per year

  • With experience this can rise up to £45,000 per year

  • Senior Project Managers can earn up to £80,000 per year


  • A university degree in a relevant field

  • A postgraduate degree or equivalent 

  • Industry experience

  • Project management qualification (PMP) or equivalent 

  • Apprenticeship 




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