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Information for our supply chain

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Who is ELITE for?

The ELITE programme is for everyone in our supply chain, whether they are with us for a few days or a few years. The ELITE onboarding programme will directly link to our site access systems. 

If your organisation is part of the EKFB supply chain, you will have a dedicated administrator who will book your people onto the ELITE programme as well as the other mandatory EKFB inductions. 

ELITE runs five days a week from our purpose built centre in Brackley, Northamptonshire. 

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Booking delegates onto ELITE

To book your people onto the ELITE programme, please use the 'Onboarding centre' booking tool on Biosite.

You can view a demo of the system including how to send the registration email below.

You can find a link to instructions on how to send out the registration email that must be sent out separately every time a delegate is booked through the system here.

If you have any questions or queries around ELITE, please contact 

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