Our 6 Positive Outcomes

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Health & Safety Leadership

Leaders will make time for health and safety, understanding what is expected of them and how their influence can contribute to improvement. They will  be visible across our operations, accept no compromise on matters of health and safety and reinforce high standards through their positive behaviours. They will drive fair and common levels of reward and consequence, share the things we learn and engage on health and safety at every opportunity.



Health and safety will be the top priority at all times; for everyone who works for us, in all circumstances and in everything they do. Our standards will be made clear at all levels and performance against them monitored. Methodologies will be fit for purpose, developed through engagement and understood by those who need to follow them.


Those who work for us will be thoroughly inducted into our culture and regularly reminded of our expectations during their time with us. They will be proven competent in their role and have the time, resources and technology to allow them to support our approach to health and safety. People’s training needs will be known and they will be developed to reach their full potential, with progress monitored.

Engagement & Learning

We will capture the hearts and minds of those who work for us, creating an environment where engagement improves the way we work and people are assertive, with positive challenge expected and accepted. We will listen to our people, organise and act on feedback and measure the impact engagement now has on our operations. We will share the things we learn at every level of our operation so that we continuously improve.

Health like Safety

Health will be given equal prominence to safety in all our decisions and operations. We will understand the activities and behaviours which can affect health, monitoring performance and events in these areas and seeking to prevent and learn from them. Those who work for us will be fit to undertake their activities, understand the health risks associated with their work and have access to health advice and support. People will take personal responsibility for the health of themselves and others with particular focus on fatigue and cancer causing sources.

Safe Design & Safe Workplaces

Health and safety will be at the heart of design decisions, equally considering construction, operation and maintenance, and we will measure the level of risk that we remove from these activities. We will create knowingly safe and healthy workplaces, free  from risk to the health and safety of our teams or others affected by our work by continually reviewing methods of work, innovating and implementing best practice