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What is ELITE? 

ELITE is EKFB’s Engagement and Leadership Immersive Training Experience.  

Housed in its own purpose-built induction centre in Brackley, ELITE has been designed to give participants a lasting understanding of the values of EKFB and their responsibility for upholding them, through a one-day induction experience unlike any other. Its hard-hitting narrative and high production values are underpinned by industry leading, multi-media technology which combine to deliver a powerful immersive experience. Participants will come away with a full and lasting understanding of the values of the organisation, their part in delivering them and the practical communication tools to deliver our culture of Making the Right Choice. 

How has ELITE been developed? 

ELITE has been created for EKFB by specialist provider Active Training Team (ATT), who has developed award winning programmes for organisations including Crossrail, TfL, Thames Tideway and Ørsted. 

How does ELITE affect me? 

If you work for EKFB or our supply chain then you will need to attend an ELITE session before working on site. 

How is ELITE different from other inductions? 

ELITE has been designed and created to give participants a lasting understanding of the values of EKFB and their responsibility for upholding them. It is a one-day induction experience that uses a hard-hitting narrative and high production values alongside industry leading, multi-media technology to deliver a powerful immersive experience.


How does ELITE fit in with the onboarding strategy? 

ELITE will be a key component of our On Board Together strategy as we seek to create a culture where all people who work here focus on the choices they make day in and day out.   

Who is the ELITE induction for? 

ELITE will be for every person working as part of our Joint Venture.  ELITE will be relevant to everyone, at every level, no matter what job they do.


When will I get to go through ELITE? 

Covid-19 has reduced the number of people who can attend ELITE at any one time, but our plan is that everyone will attend in due course.  We place significant value on the ELITE programme and will communicate regular updates in the coming weeks and months   

Do I have to attend ELITE? 

It is our wish that everyone attend, however should you have a reason where you feel you should not attend, then please discuss with your Line Manager in the first instance 

What COVID restrictions are in place at ELITE? 

The ELITE Facility and how the programme will run has been fully assessed by an independent Covid Expert brought in by EKFB.  Our Sub-Contractor partners who run ELITE (ATT) will fully manage people’s movement and social distancing at every stage of the day.  Facilitators will guide delegates as to where they should stand and sit, and there will be no requirements to breach a social distance of 2m.  ATT run a number of similar facilities during the period of Covid and have experience in marshalling attendees safely.


What does ‘ELITE’ stand for?  

Engagement (and) 





How long does the ELITE induction take? 

One day 

Where is the ELITE induction held? 

The ELITE induction is held at a purpose-built centre in Buckingham Road, Brackley.