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Created by Active Training Team (ATT) for EKFB, ELITE@EKFB is a one-day multi-media induction programme, based at a purpose-built centre in Brackley, Northamptonshire.


ATT develops award winning programmes for organisations including Crossrail, TfL, Thames Tideway and Ørsted. Relevant to everyone in the supply chain regardless of role and function, ELITE@EKFB uses high-quality production values, industry-leading technology and a hard-hitting narrative to deliver a powerful immersive experience. 


From April 2021 ELITE@EKFB will give participants a lasting awareness of their responsibility for upholding the values of the project, and the practical communication tools to implement the Making the Right Choice ethos.  

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“The day was brilliant and I absolutely see the value that this will add to our programme and this sets the benchmark in terms of what the rest of HS2 should be aiming for.”


“This is by far the best training experience I’ve attended in my lifetime in construction. The team who created this experience should be extremely proud of their achievements.”


“The ELITE experience in my opinion is most certainly the best way to show those setting out in construction and not just on HS2 the difference doing the right thing can make.”

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