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Construction Manager

  • buyers before building work begins

  • Discussing plans with architects and surveyors 

  • Planning work schedules for the job using project management software

  • Preparing the site by hiring staff, installing temporary offices and taking delivery of materials

  • Working closely with the site workforce once building is underway

  • Monitoring progress, costs and checking quality

  • Making sure the work meets legal requirements and Building Regulations

  • Reporting regularly to the client

Possible duties:

  • Excellent people skills to work with staff at all levels

  • A creative approach to problem solving

  • Ability to motivate your team

  • Excellent organisational and planning skills

  • Ability to take on responsibility and make decisions

  • Good maths and IT skills

  • In-depth knowledge of building methods

  • Awareness of health and safety

Skills needed

You would work around 40 hours a week 
Monday to Friday with some added evening or weekend work. You would be the main point of contact for subcontractors and the public and as a senior manager you could oversee several projects at the same time. Some of your time would be spent travelling between sites and meeting clients and contractors. Site work would be in all weather conditions and you may sometimes have to work at heights. 

What to expect

  • Construction managers can earn from £27,000 to over £45,000 a year depending on experience

  • Senior managers can earn over £70,000 per year


Possible routes

  • Relevant foundation degree or HNC/HND degree, e.g. Construction management, constuction engineering, survey or civil engineering, building studies

  • Several years’ industry experience 

  • Background as a building technician,   estimator, or site supervisor

This role would suit those who are experienced in construction and can lead and motivate a team. Construction managers, also know as site managers or site agents, supervise and direct operations on a construction project to ensure it is completed safely, on time and within budget. 


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